Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holy Knights - Between daylight and pain

Holy Knights - Between daylight and pain (2012) Scarlet Records
Produced by Holy Knights
Tracks : 1.Mistery 2.Frozen paradise 3.Beyond the mist 4.11 September 5.Glass room 6.Wasted time 7.Awake 8.The turning to the madness
3,5 out of 5

I usually get kinda bored with powermetal albums if the songs are lined up with double kick drumbeats and army parade choruses like 1000 cliche´s waiting to zzzzzz you to death. But once in a while, I get to hear a really great powermetal album too. Like in this case with Italian band Holy Knights and their new album "Between daylight and pain" that comes out in August.
Their debut "Gate through the past" was released in 2001 and then the band went on hiatus with the members focusing on bands like Thy Majestie and Crimson Wind.
But now they´re back with the line up of Dario Di Matteo - Vocals/Keyboards, Simone Campione - Guitars/Bass and Claudio Florio - Drums. They deliver top song arrangements where I am especially impressed by the keyboard work, the first two songs "Mistery" and "Frozen paradise" are the highlights of the album. The band end the album with a couple of weaker songs in "Awake" and "The turning to the madness" but it doesn´t lower my overall opinion of the album. I think you should check out this symphonic metal piece that goes in the same vein as Royal Hunt and Luca Turilli.

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