Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Forever Came Calling - Contender

Forever Came Calling - Contender (2012) Pure Noise Records
Produced by Matt Vincent / Sam Pura
Tracks : 1.Learning 2.For the wolves 3.Harbours 4.The office 5.Ideas 6.If Bukowski could see me now 7.I´ll be better I promise 8.Front porch sunrise 9.Contender 10.Dead poets honor
2,5 out of 5

California based pop punk band Forever Came Calling is getting rave reviews over websites like Absolutepunk and AlternativePress for their debut album "Contender", they supported Hawthorne Heights on tour this summer and if you´re out for a short album with 2 minute songs that shouts out more punk than pop. This album might be your cup of tea. There are moments when I think of MxPx and in others, Millencolin but without the skate punk sound. If you think there´s too much pop in Green Day these days and miss their early days of punk rock, then you should check out "Contender". The music on this album doesn´t move me that much so it´s not a contender for the album of the year for me.
The band is tight and I do enjoy "The office" which is a catchy song but they could´ve had a bit more attitude on the rest of the album.

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