Sunday, July 8, 2012

Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Live in Gettysburg

Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Live in Gettysburg (2012) Gonzo MultiMedia Group
Produced by Erik Norlander
Tracks : CD 1 :1.Arrival 2.Neurosaur 3.Fanfare for absent friends 4.Sky full of stars 5.Capture the sun / Sky full of stars reprise 6.Astrology suite Part 1.Astrology prelude Part 2.Secrets of astrology 7.Trantor station 8.After the revolution
CD 2 : 1.Garden of the moon 2.The dark water 3.Into the sunset suite Part 1.Sunset prelude Part 2.Into the sunset Part 3.Dreamcurrents Part 4.Hymn Part 5.Into the sunset reprise Part 6.Sunset postlude
3,5 out of 5

"Live in Gettysburg" is the 2nd DVD/2 CD release in August this year, from keyboard master Erik Norlander. I recently reviewed the first release "The Galactic Collective, The definitive edition" and thought it was a good progrock album full of instrumental music. This live album was recorded in May 2011 and has the same tracklisting as the studio album with the exception of 4 vocal based tracks, "Capture the sun", "Secrets of astrology", "Into the sunset" and "Hymn". They are performed by lead vocalists Lana Lane and Debrissa McKinney.
I must say that I prefer these live versions over the studio album because the sound is bigger here and some songs tend to rock more, mainly because the guitar feels rawer.
Without doubt, this is a must have for any progrock fan.

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