Saturday, July 21, 2012

9Tomorrows - Gravity in love

9Tomorrows - Gravity in love (2011) Blind Eye Records
Produced by David Kellogg
Tracks : 1.Levity 2.Insane 3.Walk through the door 4.Karma too 5.Interlude 6.Enough for two 7.Tomorrow today is yesterday 8.Let it go 9.Still life 10.Morning light 11.Slip on by 12.Gentle and sideways 13.Halfway around the world 14.Reprise
3,5 out of 5

"Gravity in love" is the debut album from Minneapolis based 9Tomorrows, led by producer/songwriter David Kellogg that first released the "Wrong turn into yesterday" EP in 2010 and then this full length album that feels like a warm summer breeze. Kellogg is joined by wonderful lead singer Dax Young with a voice reminiscent of the late Paul Young of Mike and The Mechanics, bassist Jai Bowie (son of Banjo god Jim Bowie) and Kellogg´s studio partner Stephen Helvig on vocals/guitars.
The band deliver a fine mix of reggae, acoustic pop and alternative rock, for fans of Counting Crows, Crowded House and Sting (in some moments). It´s wrong to compare this to Jason Mraz because the music of 9Tomorrows feels way more mature and has depth to it as well, my favorite tracks are the single "Levity", "Karma too", "Still life" and the beautiful "Tomorrow today is yesterday".
Real nice!

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