Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working Class Dogs - A tribute to Rick Springfield

Working Class Dogs - A tribute to Rick Springfield (2012) MelodicRock Records
Produced by Various artists
Tracks : 1.Waltham - Light of love 2.American Anthem - Jessie´s girl 3.Handsome Devil - Love somebody 4.Gary Schutt - Carry me away 5.Falling Grace - I get excited 6.The Meddling Kids - I´ve done everything for you 7.Tom Cinefro and Rick Springfield Band - Kristina 8.Eric Martin  - Souls 9.Hardway / Thom Griffin - Stranger 10.James Christian / Jeff Silverman - Right planet Wrong world 11.7th Heaven - Affair of the heart 12.Newman -Human touch 13.Brand new machine - Calling all girls 14.Keith LuBrant - Rock of life 15.Paul Sidoti - What kind of fool am I? 16.Mitch Malloy - Tear it all down 17.Barely Pink - Dont talk to strangers 18.Fig - Wasted 19.Clay Howard - Beautiful you 20.Endway - Living in oz
4 out of 5

This tribute to Rick Springfield was meant to be released on Fastlane Records several years ago but it never came out and thanks to Andrew McNeice at MelodicRock Records, this entertaining tribute finally sees the light of day in 2012. A few new tracks has been added compared to the Fastlane version and I really agree with Rick Springfield who dig these new raw versions, they have the same energy as Rick Springfield playing them live. The major part of this hit catalogue is taken from Springfield´s 80´s era with the exception of 2 covers off his 2004 album "Shock, anger, denial, acceptance". And I´m not sure the versions from Fig and Clay Howard fit in with the rest, it would´ve been more appropriate to pick a song from "Tao", but a cool thing is that the Sahara Snow album is represented with Thom Griffin´s "Stranger". I think it´s cool that James Christian does the more odd "Right planet Wrong world" that is featured on the demo collection "From the vaults". Great version! We get safe covers from Mitch Malloy, Newman and Eric Martin. But the real highlights are the ones from Waltham, American Anthem, Gary Schutt, 7th Heaven and Tom Cinefro who is backed up by Rick Springfield´s Band! Ok, then, so does this means MelodicRock Records will release the long awaited Cheap Trick tribute "Tricked out" on Fastlane Records as well?


JacenSolo2001 said...

James recorded a demo of that song years ago, wondering if he used the same demo or re-recorded?

Kaj Roth said...

Sorry for the late answer but I guess it´s the same demo but it has probably been fixed with some overdubs and a new mix.