Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleepy Turtles - Summer, Hither

Sleepy Turtles - Summer, Hither (2012) Autumn + Colour Records
Produced by Todd Richard Stevens
Tracks : 1.Summer, Hither 2.Morning song 3.Natures hymn 4.Reason to hope 5.Being small
3 out of 5

Atlanta based 5 piece band Sleepy Turtles formed when they created music to a novel, their sound is a mix of roots, folk and indie pop. Imagine Neil Young meets The Beach Boys with a touch of Mumford and Sons. Definitely also for fans of City and Colour and Field Music. Their new EP "Summer, Hither" is quite laid back with beautiful songs like the new single "Natures hymn" and the title track "Summer, Hither". I also enjoy the colourful "Morning song" but don´t fancy track 4 or 5 that much. There is a dreamlike atmosphere over these songs, I can absolutely understand that their songs would suit as a soundtrack for a novel. Solid stuff!

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