Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Marx - Inside my head

Richard Marx - Inside my head (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Richard Marx
Tracks : 1.Had enough 2.Wouldn´t let me love you 3.Like heaven 4.On the inside 5.Through my veins 6.Always on your mind 7.Loved 8.Come running 9.All over me 10.Scars 11.Done to me 12.Over my head 13.Part of me
3 out of 5

Richard Marx is turning 50 next year and he most certainly has had an amazing solo career with more than 30 million albums sold and he was the first male artist to have his first 7 hit singles to reach the top 5 on Billboard´s singles chart. In 2006, he was asked to join Ringo Starr´s All Starr Band on the North American tour and he also wrote a song for Ringo Starr´s solo album in 2010. In June, this year, there will be 2 new releases from Richard Marx. The live CD/DVD "A night out with friends" and the new studio album "Inside my head" which is a double disc with one disc of his 12 greatest hits and one disc of 4 new tracks and new recordings of selected tracks from his latest US only releases "Emotional remains" (2008), "Sundown" (2008) and "Duo"  (2011).
Plus Richard Marx´s own versions of songs co-written with other artists like Daughtry and Lifehouse. I was surprised to hear Richard Marx rocking as much as he do on the new tracks "All over me" and "Scars", great stuff. The other 2 new tracks "Wouldn´t let me love you" and "Like heaven" are typical Richard Marx ballads, pretty much what you expect from the ballad songsmith himself. It´s cool to hear him do his own version of "Had enough" that is co-written with Jason Wade of Lifehouse, the song was also recorded by Lifehouse on their "Smoke and mirrors" album. I also like his version of "On the inside" a lot, the song is co-written with Daughtry and Chad Kroeger and can also be found on Daughtry´s "Leave this town" album. A safe buy indeed!

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