Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lykaion - Nothin´ but death

Lykaion - Nothin´ but death (2012) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Lykaion / Stefano Morabito
Tracks : 1.Nothin but death 2.A cold summer day 3.Free from all your fears 4.Empty 5.The dance 6.Fuck you (I love myself) 7.Passion kills 8.Sick love 9.Together 10.Dimenticherai
3 out of 5

Lykaion is a mountain in Greece where the altar of Zeus is located and it´s also a metal band from Rome, Italy. They debuted with the "The things I´ve left" EP in 2006 and followed up with the "Swallowed by the sea" EP in 2010. This year, they signed with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut full length "Nothin´ but death" which can be described as a blend of heavy metal, thrash, hard rock and gothic. The band is influenced by Katatonia, Poisonblack, Sentenced and Nevermore. I think it´s a good album with a powerful sound, that definitely will appeal to fans of both classic metal and modern metal. The band deliver a fine mix of aggressive and melodic hard rock/metal and they truly deserve to be a support act on a bigger tour this year.

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