Monday, May 28, 2012

Howling Dollhouse - Howling Dollhouse

Howling Dollhouse - Howling Dollhouse (2012) Independent
Produced by David Carr
Tracks : 1.Private hell 2.This is who you are 3.All the pieces 4.Panorama 5.Secrets to the grave 6.Fidelity 7.Wish I was 8.World on fire 9.Note to self 10.My kind 11.Dark and hungry gods 12.The break 13.Part 2
3,5 out of 5

Howling Dollhouse is a real strange name for a band but on the other hand, it doesn´t really matter as long as the band has some sort of quality to deliver and these Aussie rockers truly are awesome. I am especially fond of their mix of 80´s rock and modern rock, they sound somewhere between Southern Sons and Masonia and I do welcome the variety of the songs from more straight ahead rockers to anthemic stadium rock and radio ready pop/rock. Songs like "Private hell", "Panorama", "Secrets to the grave" and "Dark and hungry gods" will fit in just perfect on any mixtape with your favorite bands from down under. I would like to thank my friend Philippe in France for recommending me this great band.

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