Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Golden Sounds - The fireflies were right

The Golden Sounds - The fireflies were right (2012) Meteor Sky Records
Produced by Todd Evans
Tracks : 1.Dont close your eyes 2.All the dreamers died 3.We´re not alone 4.My deceiver 5.Are we gonna shine 6.Half ass dreams 7.Run to the sea 8.Fireflies 9.Lovers and dreamers
3 out of 5

Todd Evans, formerly of Atticus Fault, released his first record as The Golden Sounds in 2004 and is already counting to 5 releases up to 2012. Including the new album "The fireflies were right", which is the first album since "Lo-fi sounds for a Hi-fi heart" in 2007. The music from The Golden Sounds hasn´t got much in common with Atticus Fault, except for the track "Half ass dreams" on this new album that is more upbeat and has the same atmosphere as Todd Evans former band. Otherwise, the songs are quite slow and can be described as spacey indie rock. It takes a few spins to get into the album but the songs truly grow, I have started to like "Are we gonna shine" and "Lovers and dreamers" very much. Real beautiful. His voice sounds almost fragile, it´s a cool record anyhow.

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