Saturday, May 26, 2012

Europe - Bag of bones

Europe - Bag of bones (2012) Sony Music
Produced by Kevin Shirley
Tracks : 1.Riches to rags 2.Not supposed to sing the blues 3.Firebox 4.Bag of bones 5.Requiem 6.My woman my friend 7.Demon head 8.Drink and a smile 9.Doghouse 10.Mercy you Mercy me 11.Bring it all home
2,5 out of 5

In an interview recently, Joey Tempest said -Europe will never make another 80´s record again and when I listen to their new album "Bag of bones", I do believe every word of it. This is as far from the 80´s you can get with a bluesy 70´s rock oriented sound in the same vein as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Mountain. John Norum must have the time of his life with all these riffs all over the place, and I do welcome riffs but without strong melodies they fall down hard. Their new album lack of memorable songs, the single "Not supposed to sing the blues" sounds like a cousin to their old song "Yesterday´s news" and the slow "Bring it all home" is just boring. I think the heavy rocker "Firebox" is the best track here, it might fit into a best of compilation with Europe but none of the other tracks will. I´m afraid "Bag of bones" is just a shadow compared to their previous monster album "Last look at Eden".

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