Monday, May 7, 2012

Dierks Bentley - Home

Dierks Bentley - Home (2012) Capitol Records
Produced by Brett Beavers / Luke Wooten
Tracks : 1.Am I the only one 2.Gonna die young 3.Tip it on back 4.Home 5.Diamonds make babies 6.In my head 7.Breathe you in 8.The woods 9.When you gonna come around 10.5-1-5-0 11.Heart of a lonely girl 12.Thinking of you
3,5 out of 5

I´m not normally the average country listener, but good music is good music and I really dig Dierks Bentley´s new album "Home". We´re talking heartfelt lyrics and contemporary country rock here from the CMT Music award winner with 9 no.1 hit singles in his belt. If you want to make it big in the states, go for country music and make sure you got some good songs in your catalogue. Just look at Garth Brooks who has sold more than 120 million albums, Dierks might not be there yet but he´s slowly getting there with "Home" as his 6th album on Capitol Records. The groovy "Tip it on back" bring thoughts to Blake Shelton, while the ballad "Home" should make Jon Bon Jovi full of envy why he didn´t write it on their country rock album "Lost highway". The track "Gonna die young" sounds like a given hit to me and the opener "Am I the only one" is already a no.1 hit in USA. Respect!

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