Saturday, May 12, 2012

Athel - Open your eyes to society

Athel - Open your eyes to society (2012) Mortal Music
Produced by Athel
Tracks : 1.Radio, 2.These are the times 3.All that I am 4.Kara´s carousel 5.Paranormal abstract of everyday life 6.Their shoes 7.Wake up sleepyhead 8.Me, myself and I 9.Oceans 10.Heavy things 11.Keep me awake
3,5 out of 5

Athel is a power rock trio from Chicago, the band caught the attention of SOiL bassist Tim King and he signed them to his co-owned label Mortal Music. The band features Justin King - Vocals/Guitars, Comron Fouladi - Bass and Christian Navarro - Drums. They have released 2 EP´s before this debut full length that truly rocks hard, I love their mix of pop punk, straight ahead rocknroll and metal. The album contains plenty of catchy choruses and edgy riffs, imagine 40 Ft Ringo hanging out with Foo Fighters in Art of Dying´s backyard where Lit is in charge of the barbecue. No doubt, this is a strong album where I can point out several highlights but my faves are "Radio", "Kara´s carousel" and "Wake up sleepyhead". Play it loud!

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