Sunday, May 13, 2012

Amanda Mair - Amanda Mair

Amanda Mair - Amanda Mair (2012) Labrador Records
Produced by Philip Ekström
Tracks : 1.Said and done 2.Doubt 3.House 4.Sense 5.Skinnarviksberget 6.Before 7.It´s gonna be long 8.What do you want 9.You´ve been here before 10.Leaving early
3 out of 5

17 year old Amanda Mair from Sweden is a very talented singer/songwriter, her debut album has already started to create a buzz in the music industry where some has predicted her to be the next big export after Robyn and Lykke Li. We´re talking dreamlike pop here in the same vein as Kate Bush but also real close to the 80´s band Berlin and even T´Pau. I do love the fluffy production and the first half of the album is much stronger with memorable songs like "Said and done", "Doubt", "House" and "Sense". You can watch Amanda Mair in concert at the Peace and Love Festival in Sweden this summer. This is a nice album!

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