Thursday, April 26, 2012

Troy Donockley - Messages

Troy Donockley - Messages, A collection of music 1998-2011 (Gonzo Multimedia)
Produced by Troy Donockley
Tracks : 1.Sights 2.For him who will never return 3.Now, voyager 4.Fragment 5.Orkahaugr 6.Finlandia 7.Dunmail rising 8.Pursuit of illusion 9.Tunnels 10.The procession
2,5 out of 5

Troy Donockley is both a multi musician and a composer, he´s a leading virtuoso of the Uillean pipes and his music can be heard in movies such as Robin Hood and Ironclad. Troy has recorded and toured with various artists such as Nightwish, Status Quo, Midge Ure and Del Amitri. He has released 3 albums, The unseen stream (1998), The pursuit of illusion (2003) and The madness of crowds (2009). And also the compilation "Messages, a collection of music 1998-2011 that contains songs from his previous work along with 2 new unreleased songs, "For him who will never return" and Jean Sibelius "Finlandia". Troy´s compositions bring thoughts to Vangelis as well as Clannad and Mike Oldfield, it´s just like what he says about the new album, -Listen to Messages in a darkened room with headphones, just like you did when you were a kid. Well, I think a whole album of this laid back celtic style can be a bit too much but I do enjoy a few songs like "Sights" that feels a bit ABBA-esque and the lengthy "Now, voyager". A decent collection anyhow.

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