Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sons of Midnight - Sons of Midnight

Sons of Midnight - Sons of Midnight (2012) Universal Music
Produced by Martin Hansen
Tracks : 1.The fire 2.Never again 3.Stand up for love 4.It was worth it 5.Sliding doors 6.Girlwise 7.Living in this world 8.Head on 9.So beautiful it hurts 10.The realist 11.Saints and sinners 12.I dont get it 13.Hard to love you
4 out of 5

Brisbane, Australia is the home for Sons of Midnight and boy, do I love this band. Their debut album is a smorgasbord of melodic rock/pop with AOR-ish choruses. Their lead singer Conrad Sewell reminds a bit of the 80´s artist Sam Harris, you know the guy behind "Sugar don´t bite". But soundwise, this band plays in the same league as Invertigo and Indecent Obsessions. Just listen to songs like "The realist", "I don´t get it" and "Hard to love you" and you´ll see what I mean. The single "The fire" is a killer, but then again, this album is all killer no filler. The ballad "Saints and sinners" can be described as a mix between Savage Garden and John Farnham, soooo good. The production from Martin Hansen (The Rasmus, Scorpions) is topnotch, I´ve got myself a new favorite band. What about you?

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