Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rudhira - Ein

Rudhira - Ein (2012) Pug-Nose Records
Produced by Rudhira
Tracks : 1.A step too far 2.Embraced by the rain 3.Wine of defeat 4.Darkened shores 5.Goose on a throne 6.Shine
2,5 out of 5

Rudhira is a Norwegian heavy metal band featuring Andreas Nergård - Drums, Thomas Nergård - Lead Guitar, Lars Todal - Bass and Ole-Martin Moe Thornaes - Lead Vocals/Guitar. I did a review of Andreas Nergård´s solo EP "The beginning" last year which was pretty good, here he is handling the sticks and hitting the skin with his band Rudhira and their debut album "Ein". The band focus on 80´s metal with some progressive moments, the album opens promising with the Megadeth-like "A step too far" and continues with the even more progressive "Embraced by the rain" which is really cool with the sitar. Then the album falls a bit in quality with the mediocre "Wine of defeat", the darker "Darkened shores" is better with nice harmonies and great axework. The very heavy "Goose on a throne" bring thoughts to Nevermore and Iced Earth, but the vocal performance is rather weak. The best track is the last song of the album, "Shine". It is really interesting with a mix of thrash, progressive rock and a classy ending. An uneven album with some really good moments.

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