Monday, April 9, 2012

Mark Davis - Eliminate the toxins

Mark Davis - Eliminate the toxins (2011) Saved By Radio Records
Produced by Lorrie Matheson
Tracks : 1.How many angels? 2.Eliminate the toxins 3.Waste no tears 4.Go to ground 5.In the waters 6.Dragons 7.A good one 8.Let the world know where you are 9.Dream 10.Throw it away 11.Wounded wing
2,5 out of 5

The Canadian artist Mark Davis started out in the band Old Reliable that he recorded 4 albums with, Mark is now a solo artist with "Eliminate the toxins" as his 3rd release. His music leans towards rootsy folk rock but with a psychedelic twist, imagine a mix between R.E.M, Blow Up Hollywood, Neil Young and Radiohead and we´re close to the sound of his latest album. The album start really promising with the 3 best tracks where the title track is my personal fave, but it gets a little too folky halfway through the album and the songs are also weaker. Track no.5 "In the waters" is a bit charming with it´s 60´s feel a la The Byrds. There are some nice moments on the 2nd half like the upbeat indie rock of "Dream" but not enough to give the album 3 out of 5, however the first three tracks are really good.

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