Monday, April 23, 2012

Man On Earth - Something better

Man On Earth - Something better (2007) Forward Thinking Music
Produced by Steve Nathan
Tracks : 1.Something better 2.Here we are 3.Hold your breath and brace for the crash 4.Walk away 5.Been gone too long 6.A birthday song
3 out of 5

Man On Earth is led by Steve Nathan (Vocals,Guitars) and they´re from New York City, their debut EP "Something better" was released in 2007 and it was followed by "The time spent wondering" in 2009 and the latest effort "Things they´d never believe" in 2011. Sure, the production on this EP is a bit lowbudget but I think they´ve got a sound of their own. We´re talking alternative rock with traces of modern rock like a mix between Janes Addiction, Barenaked Ladies and Failure. The songs "Here we are" and "Walk away" aren´t exactly a wetdream, they´re rather boring but on the other hand, the good stuff is so much better with the title track that opens the EP and track 3 "Hold your breath and brace for the crash" that is the most Failure sounding of them all. My favorite is "Been gone too long", that one can be described as Zwan meets Socialburn.

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