Saturday, April 14, 2012

Livingston - Fire to fire

Livingston - Fire to fire (2012) Universal Music
Produced by David Bottrill
Tracks : 1.Perfect dream 2.Supernova 3.No more promises 4.Set fire to fire 5.Beautiful 6.Quiet not crazy 7.Somebody 8.Here I am 9.Sink or swim 10.In circles 11.Drop the halo 12.Soulskin
4 out of 5

Livingston formed in South Africa and then relocated to London, England where they added a British bassplayer and an Italian drummer. Now talk about international band. Their debut album "Sign language" came out in 2009 and this year, they follow up with the sophomore album "Fire to fire". They are currently in Sweden, supporting Takida and you can also watch them at Nova Rock Festival in Austria this summer. Their music goes in the same vein as Reamonn, Stanfour and The Killers, we´re talking modern rock with traces of new wave. I love this album and especially their atmospheric sound, the single "Supernova" is only one of plenty great tunes to catch up. I promise, they will stick like glue to your head if you give Livingston a chance.

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