Friday, April 13, 2012

Jon McLaughlin - Promising promises

Jon McLaughlin - Promising promises (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Jon McLaughlin
Tracks : 1.Promising promises 2.You never know 3.Summer is over 4.The atmosphere 5.What I want 6.I´ll follow you 7.Maybe it´s over 8.If only I 9.Falling 10.Without you now 11.My girl tonight 12.These crazy times 13.Wool over eyes
3,5 out of 5

The super talented singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin is standing on his own feet on his 3rd album "Promising promises", his former label Island encouraged Jon to work with outside writers and producers on his 2 first albums "Indiana" (2007) and "Ok now" (2008) and the result put Jon on the music map of the world. Great stuff! But this time around, Jon has written and produced the new album all by himself and it´s a really strong album where several songs have hit potential such as the title track (which was written while Jon was still on Island), the duet with Xenia Martinez on "Maybe it´s over" and the road trip song "Without you now" that sounds like something Bryan Adams and Richard Marx could´ve written. The first single "Summer is over" is one of the highlights along with the majestic "The atmosphere", that song is my personal fave by the way. Make sure to write down May 22nd in your calendars since it´s the day of release!
(this is a new version with extra added tracks of the 2011 independent album "Forever if ever".)

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