Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hardline - Danger zone

Hardline - Danger Zone (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio
Tracks : 1.Fever dreams 2.10 000 Reasons 3.Danger zone 4.What I´d like 5.Stronger than me 6.Never too late 7.Stay 8.I dont wanna break away 9.Look at you now 10.Please have faith in me 11.Show me your love 12.The only one
3 out of 5

It has now been 20 years since Hardline´s debut album "Double eclipse" came out with the impressive line up of Neal Schon - Guitar, Deen Castronovo - Drums, Todd Jensen - Bass and the Gioeli brothers, Joey - Guitar and Johnny - Lead Vocals. The only remaining member in the band today is Johnny Gioeli, guitarist Josh Ramos who replaced Neal Schon, has been replaced himself too by Torsten Koehne. Brother Joey has also left the band and now Johnny Gioeli´s songwriting partner is Alessandro Del Vecchio of Edge of Forever. Their 4th album "Danger zone" sounds pretty much like a typical Hardline record but it has more in common with the previous album "Leaving the end open" (2009) than the hardrocking debut. The new album is more of AOR based album but the title track could´ve been a leftover from "Double eclipse", awesome song. The closing track "The only one" is another highlight, great chorus. A song I don´t like at all is the average "What I´d like" where Johnny sounds like Klaus Meine. Nah! But it´s a solid album anyhow.

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