Thursday, April 19, 2012

Falling Up - Mnemos

Falling Up - Mnemos (2012) Independent
Produced by Falling Up
Tracks : 1.Pete the little robot comes home 2.Taipan 3.Alexis 4.Glassen 5.Caves 6.Earthship 7.Remembering Pete
5 ouf ot 5

Since their debut "Crashings" from 2004, the band Falling Up has become one of my favorite bands in the christian rock genre. The former Bec Recording artists are now releasing their music independently but it doesn´t get less classy because of that, their latest album "Your sparkling death cometh" (2011) was just as good as any of their previous albums on Bec Recordings. And on their 7th release "Mnemos", they pull sections less featured on their latest album and highlights new melodies which is called a remix album but I consider these pieces as 7 new songs rather than remixes. Falling Up blends electronics, orchestral elements and science fiction and can be described as a Jean Michel Jarre version of early Pink Floyd. The line up today is Jessy Ribordy - Vocals/songwriter, Jeremy Miller - Bass/Keyboards, Josh Schroy - Drums and Dan Huddleston - Guitars. Founding guitarist Tom Cox left the band in 2005 to focus on his new band Archers Rise, he was replaced by Micah Sannan who left in 2007 to join Disciple. The other founding guitarist Joseph A Kisselburgh is now in The Send, making way for touring guitarist Dan Huddleston to become a member of the band. And what a band it is, gravity makes you fall down but musicwise, their spiritual and dreamlike soundtrack makes you falling up. Superb!

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