Friday, April 20, 2012

The Darlings - The New Escape

The Darlings - The New Escape (2012) Gadsen Records
Produced by The Darlings
Tracks : 1.Hypnotize 2.Where do we go 3.American dream 4.Broken heart still beating 5.Head hunter 6.Take me back 7.Untitled 8.Fight alone 9.Someone else at the wheel 10.The agressor 11.These wings 12.The hard goodbye 13.Lets roll
3,5 out of 5

L.A based quartet The Darlings won 2010´s Ernie Balls Battle of the bands and in 2012, their debut full length "The New Escape" is released. And this album is like a c-vitamin injection, talk about refreshing rocknroll with uplifting melodies and attitude. You´ll hear a little bit of everything with anything from The Clash to The Pirates and Green Day to Skids, they´re like a classic rock version of a 70´s punk band. But the most cool thing is that their songs would do justice on active rock radio as well, this ain´t music for just one group of people. Highlights are "The agressor", "Fight alone" and "Where do we go". Thumbs up for a great album!

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