Friday, August 1, 2014

Post hardcore band Emarosa release 3rd album this fall

Kentucky based Emarosa´s 3rd album "Versus" will be out on Sept 9th, listen to the first single "American deja vu" here:

Motionless In White post new single from upcoming album Reincarnate

Gothmetal/post hardcore band Motionless in White will release their new album "Reincarnate" on Sept 16th. Listen to the title track here:

Andrew McMahon in the wilderness

Former Jacks Mannequin / Something Corporate singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon has released a new single with his new band In The Wilderness.
Listen to "Cecilia and The Satellites" here:

Godsmack release new single Generation day from 1000hp

"Generation day" is the new single from Godsmack´s 6th studio album "1000 hp", released on Aug 5th. The album is produced by Sully Erna and Dave Fortman.
Listen to the song here:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hard Riot - The Blackened Heart

Hard Riot - The Blackened Heart (2014) Pitch Black Records
Produced by Hard Riot
Tracks : 1.Blackout 2.Suicide blues 3.Devils BBQ 4.The end 5.Count on me 6.Not alone 7.The enemy within 8.Dirty games 9.Last goodbye 10.High society bitch 11.Hit the ground
2,5 out of 5

The German hard rock band Hard Riot debuted with "Living on a fast lane" in 2012 but the first album I get to hear with Hard Riot is their new album "The blackened heart".
I´m not sure what to make of this musical soup of 80´s hard rock and modern rock, they most often sound like a mix between Nickelback and Scorpions but the band gets in a country rock mood in "Devils BBQ". That song feels rather misplaced here.
The Corrs meets Takida in the poor ballad "Last goodbye" and I bet Chad Kroeger might have a few words to say about the melody in "High society bitch".
There are some decent hard rock songs like the explosive opener "Blackout" (no it´s not a Scorpions cover), the melodic "Not alone" and "Dirty games" with a good chorus.
But many of the other tracks are rather average and built on lots of cliches, so these guys won´t make a riot in my heart.

David Rosales release new video of Too young to know better

Singer-songwriter David Rosales has teamed up with The Boot to premiere his new video "Too Young to Know Better" today! "Too Young to Know Better" is the visual counterpart to a track that originally released off of Rosales' EPAlong The Way on June 17th. Reminiscent of artists such as Ryan AdamsAmos Lee, and Brett Dennen, Rosales shakes things up with a broad sonic palate rooted in American folk, blues and country. Watch "Too Young to Know Better" here:

Pullman Standard aiming for the airwaves with new single If and when

Pullman Standard is a five-piece rock group created by singer/songwriter Timothy Daniels in the summer of 2007. Daniels' ambition was to push forward with a new creative outlook on his own musical abilities, which broke ground for the burlesque infused rock sound and performance that the band performs today.
Although they are based out of Southern California, they have been spending more time out on the road since the release of their first full-length album Steam Powered Hearts in July 2012. They have logged over 200 shows in the past two years, independently booking tours and crisscrossing the United States. Having been recognized by famed producer Don Was, working with Lady Gaga producer and discover Wendy Starland, and participating in several competitions the band is ready for the rest of the world to know they exist.

Watch the video of "If and when", from their upcoming album "Edge of the clouds", out Sept 1st.

Caramel Carmela release new single TIll death do us party

Caramel Carmela is an electronic/post-hardcore band that formed in Denver, CO. in 2010. During that time, they completed their debut, full-length album, “Ominous Walrus” with producer James Egbert (Blood On The Dance Floor, Kill Paradise) and their music began to catch on as fans came in droves, giving them the ammunition to expand beyond their local audience to include touring the southwest and midwest regions. Their natural progression led them to their follow-up EP, titled “Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass” which was written with the help of new guitarist Kyle Browning of Denver metal band, ‘Drop Dead, Gorgeous’.
In January of 2014, Caramel Carmela toured the Midwest on the way to record their second full-length album, titled “Till Death Do Us Party” with producer, Matt Dalton at 37 Studios. (Joey Sturgis, Ma$e, Emmure, I See Stars) The band plans to release “Till Death Do Us Party” in the Summer of 2014 and will begin touring in support of the record.

Listen to the new single here:

Classic rock from Greece, here´s Hush n Rush

Hush´n´Rush are a classic rock band from Greece, for fans of 70´s rock. Their new album "Dogs and vultures" is available here:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Alchemy Index release debut single

"A bitter township" is the debut single from ambient progressive rock band The Alchemy Index.
Palace of Rock present a truly promising band here: