Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ghost Season - Ghosts like her

Ghost Season - Ghosts like her (2014) Independent
Produced by Ghost Season
Tracks : 1.Alive 2.Ghosts like her 3.The bleed 4.Father time 5.Need
3 out of 5

Ghost Season are a modern heavy metal act from Greece, influenced by the alternative side of metal as well as slightly prog-ish metal too. I hear traces of Mastodon, Queensryche, Savatage and Iron Maiden in their sound of the debut EP "Ghosts like her".
Singer Nick Lountos vocal performance is a bit limited but he´s ok, thumbs up for the powerful production though. Another positive thing about this EP is the fact that these songs feels timeless, this record could´ve been released in 1984 or 1994 and you wouldn´t know the right year.
When you hear an explosive track like "Alive", you know this band´s got potential.
Ghost Season rocks.

Manic Pixi release music video for Kiss me

Wild in style, energy and sound, NYC's Manic Pixi have paired up with Curve Magazine to release their music video for “Kiss Me” today. Full of passionate and chaotic fun, the video highlights the band's playful personality cut with shots of couples kissing. “Kiss Me” is featured on their upcoming debut album Sugar Bomb! due out September 16th.
For fans of Hole, Paramore, No Doubt.

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle

Midnight Cinema - Lightning in a bottle (2014) Independent
Produced by Midnight Cinema
Tracks : 1.Counting down 2.Lightning in a bottle 3.Perfect stranger 4.Edge of the earth 5.Back to the butterflies 6.Slow motion 7.Sooner or later 8.Love your lights out 9.Someday never came 10.Counting down
3 out of 5

Remember Wind Up artists Thriving Ivory? And perhaps also liked them a lot? Well, then I´ve got news for you because the members Clayton Stroope - Vocals, Drew Cribley - Guitars and Paul Niedermier - Drums formed the new band Midnight Cinema and released their debut EP in 2013.
The new full length album "Lightning in a bottle" was released yesterday but it´s certainly not yesterday´s music. They deliver contemporary indie rock/pop, less piano driven than Thriving Ivory but still with traces of Coldplay and U2.
I love Clayton´s voice, without him Midnight Cinema would be just another indie rock band. The songs on this 10 track album aren´t as strong as the albums they did with Thriving Ivory but they´re pretty good. The opening track "Counting down" and the title track "Lightning in a bottle" stand out a bit more than the rest.

The Young Wild - For Now Not Funnorever

The Young Wild - For Now Not Forever (2014) Independent
Produced by The Young Wild
Tracks : 1.Moment goes 2.Silhouette 3.Ways we have to go 4.Cry out 5.Used to it
3,5 out of 5

You know the kick you get from drinking fresh orange juice in the morning, a dose of vitamine c that will get you up and running in no time.
I get the same kick from California based The Young Wild´s "For now not forever" EP, this is feel-good music with 5 sunny and bright indie rock songs.
Imagine Gregg Alexander (The New Radicals) collaborating with The Killers and you´ll get The Young Wild, the new single "Moment goes" is addictive like chocolate.
So there you go, orange juice and chocolate in the same package. Voila!

New single from Vise out on iTunes

The Swedish metal band Vise recently released their new single "Dream catcher" on iTunes and Spotify. Purchase it here:

Danish rock band A Road To Damascus with new album out now

A Road To Damascus (ARTD) is breaking out as one of the most significant new rock    bands in Denmark. They cut the American rock scene with pop-punk, bringing memorable melodies reminiscent of 30 Seconds To Mars, together with a Green Day to-the-bone style songwriting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
On ARTD's new album "In Retrospect" the band take a step back to reflect on their lives and the choices they've made along the way: "Many of the songs on the new album deal with the significance of the decisions we make and question those things we are not happy with. I think it’s important not just to go through life on autopilot." says guitarist Mads Møller.
The album is out on Spotify now.

Here´s to Rhett Walker Band

Is Bon Jovi back with a country album? No, it´s just Rhett Walker Band with their new single "Here´s to the ones" from the upcoming album with the same title. Available Oct 14th.

Maroon 5 post lyric video of Animals from V

Maroon 5´s new album "V" will be out on Sept 2nd, check out the lyric video of the new single "Animals" here:

Billy Idol release first single off upcoming album Kings and queens of the underground

Billy Idol´s upcoming album "Kings and queens of the underground" will be out on Oct 21st. Listen to the first single "Can´t break me down" here:

Jonas Park and David Bollman move forward

"Forward" is the debut EP from christian pop/rock artists Jonas Park and David Bollman, check out the lyric video of "Nearness" here: