Friday, April 18, 2014

Front page news

Texas based pop/rock band Saints of Valory will release their new "V" EP on May 20.

Modern rock band Collective Soul has announced their 9th studio album "See what you started by continuing" will be out in June.

The talented Swedish rock band Marissa Burns Trey has unfortunately parted ways but their unreleased debut album "Heist" will probably be released this fall anyway.

The anticipated new album from Theory of a Deadman will be out on July 7th, it is called "SaVages" and is the first album since "The truth is...." from 2011. The first single is "Drown" and will be released on April 22nd.

Metallers Mastodon will release their 6th album "Once more round the sun" in June, the first single is called "High road".

Christian rock/metal band Red´s new remix album "Release the panic - Recalibrated" contains the new track "Run and escape", release date : April 29th.

I Declare War - We are violent people by nature

I Declare War - We are violent people by nature (2014) Artery Recordings / Razor and Tie
Produced by BJ Sampson
Tracks : 1.Quiet 2.Tomb sleep 3.Blurred vision 4.Black heart 5.Noose 6.Shadow man 7.A dark hole to crawl into 8.The bad man 9.Eternal I sleep 10.We are violent people by nature
2,5 out of 5

Seattle is the hometown for I Declare War but they have zero, I say, 0 in common with grunge. We´re talking brutal deathmetal here, or deathcore as the band call their music.
"We are violent people by nature" is the 3rd album from this quintet where their lyrics are about all the things that are corrupt in the world today, goverment, religion and the self-inflicted downfall of humanity -says the band.
I Declare War will eat Venom for breakfast with their furious and technical metal, the album title We are violent people by nature gives you something to think about. Just look at all the wars both historically and present times.
This album sounds like lullabies for werewolves, vampires and monsters in general. It might not be the typical album I usually put on everyday but I kinda enjoyed this killing machine and a dark hole to crawl into is something many politicians should do.
For fans of Idols For Dinner, In Dying Arms, Sworn In

Sylar - To whom it may concern

Sylar - To whom it may concern (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Caleb Shomo
Tracks : 1.To whom it may concern 2.Prescription medication 3.Mirrors 4.Two-timer 5.Live-breathe 6.Interlude I 7.Golden retreat 8.Spitting image 9.Interlude II 10.Never let it go 11.Substance 12.Yours truly
3,5 out of 5

"To whom it may concern" is a very powerful debut album from New York based Sylar, a 5 piece band that formed in 2012 and released the "Deadbeat" EP in 2013.
The music is a wonderful crossover of metalcore, post hardcore and elements of electronica. You could say it´s a wall of sound where the enormous guitar riffs keeps it all together, I think of this new genre crossover as the future of metal.
The band is rhythmic and really creative in their songstructures, there are many things happening all the time in the songs so I´m looking forward to see how they´re gonna pull it off on stage.
But if they´re just as good live as they are in the studio, Sylar will truly put the pressure on the acts they are supporting on tour. This band is on fire!

Kyng - Burn the serum

Kyng - Burn the serum (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Andrew Alekel
Tracks : 1.Burn the serum 2.Lost one 3.Electric halo 4.Sewn shut 5.Far away 6.Self medicated man 7.The ode 8.In the land of pigs 9.Sunday smile 10.Big ugly me 11.Paper heart rose
3 out of 5

Los Angeles based trio Kyng released their independent debut "Trampled sun" in 2011 but has now signed with Razor and Tie for the new album "Burn the serum", a band that likes to blend 70´s hard rock with grunge and even classic heavy metal.
We get tempo changes, lots and lots of riffs and most important - good songs!
The first single "Electric halo" is a really cool riffrocker that bring thoughts to Chris Cornell and Co without making Kyng a carbon copy, singer/guitarist Eddie Veliz is great at always coming up with strong melodies in the songs.
It´s a very melodic album where my favorites are "Far away", "Lost one" and "Electric halo".
For fans of The Sword, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath

Feel Never Real deliver Rock rebel gold

Hailing from the great state of Texas, hard rock band Feel Never Real unleashes their new album "Rock Rebel Gold" on Pavement Entertainment, this spring. Each year has brought a sharper, more crisp change to the band's sound and style. With an even edgier groove, they are ready to bring to the stage a powerful, well rounded sound, with their own distinct "Rock N' Roll" flavor.
The new album was released on April 15th, listen to the new song "Trailer park princess" at: