Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Future stars JUNIORS release new EP Barcelona

JUNIORS are an Indie Pop quartet formed in Leicester. Technically adept, they're capable of producing both furiously urgent and hypnotically dreamy Indie Rock featuring distorted guitars, complex melodies, uplifting vocals and pounding drums.Dubbed by the BBC as 'Future Stars', new single 'Elusion', taken from their new EP 'Barcelona' is set to raise the band's profile even higher throughout 2015.  

Indie rockers Frazer set to release debut single Two hands in May

Frazer, a five piece Alt-Rock band from Sheffield, are Ashley Clarke on vocals, Harvey Fletcher on guitar, Andrew Battey on bass, Alex Owen on drums and Matt Marsh on guitar. The band, who formed in 2011, have spent the last four years writing, recording and building an army of fans through their electric live performances

Frazer's storming debut single 'Two Hands' references the sounds of Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and The Black Keys and will be launched at a highly anticipated gig at The Plug in Sheffield on 22nd May.
Listen to the demo "Better left unsaid" here:

Blood Youth announce debut EP

In October of 2014, Lincoln based melodic hardcore band Climates faced a dramatic fork in the road. On the one hand, their debut album Body Clocks had finally been released following almost a year of delays, and on the other hand, the band was at a creative checkmate with frontman Wes Thompson, their visions for the band’s musical future totally divided.
The quintet are now ready to reveal their debut offering, the ‘Inside My Head’ E.P, which will see release June 22nd in partnership with label Rude Records (home of Zebrahead, Emery, Knuckle Puck, American Hi-Fi, Set It Off, amongst others).
Check out the current single "Cold sweat" here:

The new self titled album from Northern Faces available today

New York based indie rock band Northern Faces´s debut album comes out today on Equal Vision Records, stream the first single "Cops come" here:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fourplay : Abandon Kansas , Cento , 10 Years , Longreef

Abandon Kansas - Alligator (2015) Band on the run to fame
The 3rd full length from Abandon Kansas is their most experimental work so far, they still deliver piano driven alternative rock of the two first albums but "Alligator" has more depth.
I think the psychedelic vibes suits the band and it´s not that much really but enough to keep the music away from the mainstream lane.
It feels like singer Jeremy Spring and Co has taken more time to work on the songstructures and arrangements for their new album, there is something interesting in each and every song on "Alligator" so it´s really easy to pick this one as the album of the week.
Highly recommended if you like Mute Math, The Wrecking, Hidden Hospitals.

Cento - The wrong side of the ocean (2015) Expect the unexpected
The Italian band Cento formed in 2009 as Blue Popsicle but unleash their new album "The wrong side of the ocean" under their new name, they´ve got quite a unique sound like a mix of Britpop, new wave and popular rock.
The singer Filippo Santini´s voice bring thoughts to Adam Ant which is really cool, the music however can be described as Suede meets The Sounds with a touch of Dutch band Kane.
It´s a solid album where the songs "Saturated images on the paper" and "River" stand out as something extra, of course you need a little Cento in your life.

10 Years - From birth to burial (2015) In the champions league of alternative metal
Knoxville´s pride, 10 years, decided to leave their testament to the after world and gosh! the way they did it. Their new album "From birth to burial" sounds like a planet, the production is enormous and every song feels like the Russian legendary wrestler Karelin coming at ya.
This is 10 Years own "Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band" or if you prefer "Black album", this is the real deal my dear friends.
They´ve been out on a musical adventure on their previous albums but I want you to please welcome home, 10 fxxking years! Talk about a home run.

Longreef - Battle plan (2015) Something for everyone
Longreef are a bunch of Aussie rockers that has relocated in America, they have released 2 EP´s and one full length album where the entire "Dirty motel" EP (2012) is included here along with the track "Lonely" taken from their first EP (2011) and 6 brand new songs.
The band collaborated with Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon) and Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down) on this album so by now you should know what to expect. Well, we´re talking Aussie rock and radio oriented modern rock in the same vein as Juke Kartel, The Calling and 3 Doors Down.
If you prefer rock that topped the charts back in 2002, "Battle plan" is for you.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunset Sons share their medicine

Australian indie rock band Sunset Sons recently released their new "The Fall" EP on iTunes, the band is currently on tour in the U.K. Watch the new video "Medicine" here:

New York City trio theSHIFT release debut EP 7th Direction

theSHIFT is a phenomenon. John Shannon, MJ Lambert and Ben Geis — three of the most vital, highly sought-after musicians in New York City and the world-over — have put aside their roles as hired guns for some of the biggest names in the music business to gamble it all on one band… and they’re doing it because theSHIFT is about something much bigger.
theSHIFT`s debut EP "7th direction" is out now, stream the first single "Kobra" here:

Fueled By Ramen artists Against The Current release new video featuring Taka of One Ok Rock

Against The Current are a young pop/rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY. Their new EP "Gravity" is available on iTunes and Spotity, check out the official music video "Dreaming alone" here:

Los Angeles based electro rockers In Virgo release debut album

Hailing from Los Angeles, In Virgo is a hard hitting, industrial tinged rock/metal band comprised of Chris Hodges (vocals) and Chris Egert (guitar, synth, programming). The band's self titled, debut album features 12 tracks of blistering, electronic infused rock. Soaring vocals cut through a huge wall of high-octane guitar riffs, driven by explosive drum beats and percolating synthesizers, making this essential listening for any fan of Nine Inch Nails, Filter, 16volt, or Linkin Park.

Stop press! Manic Bloom´s I know what´s next......is finally here

Good news, Manic Bloom´s long awaited new studio album "I know what´s next....but you won´t believe it" is finally officially released.
Available at: