Monday, March 30, 2015

Punkrockers Miss Vincent release new EP in May

The follow up to their well received 2013 E.P Creepy, Reasons Not To Sleep sees Southampton’s Miss Vincent – completed by guitarist / vocalist Lawrie Pattison, drummer Jack Donnelly and bassist / vocalist Owain Mainwaring – switching it from creepy to gloomy. Playing their self-styled ‘moody punk rock’, paying homage to the likes of Alkaline Trio and AFI, RNTS see them take their craft to the next level.  “With Creepy we just recorded the best 5 songs that we had at the time. We’re still proud of it, but this time I think we really found “our sound”,” opines Marshall; “It’s a lot darker, more layered and the songs are faster and more pissed off, as well as being much more direct lyrically. The overall tone of the EP set itself pretty early on and we went for it full tilt.” 
Miss Vincent´s new EP "Reasons not to sleep" will be out May 11th, watch the new video "How much further" here:

Playing catch with 22 and I The Mighty

San Fransisco based progressive / alternative rock band I The Mighty will release their 2nd album "Connector" on June 2nd, listen to the first single "Playing catch with 22" here:

Italian rock / metal band Your Own Decline release debut EP

Your Own Decline enter into the music scene in 2015, with a genuine rock/metal project and a message anything but pessimistic.
The band members came from a past experience of several years in the Italian rock scene, but now they have chosen to renew themselves starting from ground up, picking the band’s name and their inspiration from the lyrics of the song “Stay True To Yourself”, which also gives the title to their debut EP.

When drones take over the world in the upcoming concept album from Muse

"Drones" is the upcoming 7th studio album from Muse, set to be released on June 8th. The album was produced by the band and Mutt Lange.
Tracklisting 1.Dead inside 2.Drill Sergeant 3.Psycho 4.Mercy 5.Reapers 6.The handler 7.JFK 8.Defector 9.Revolt 10.Aftermath 11.The globalist 12.Drones
Their new single "Dead inside" is soooo good.

No boundaries for Japanese rockers Fake?

The Japanese rock band Fake? has released 8 albums as well as a brand new single "Addicted", stream the entire song here:

Another heart for Tremonti

Mark (Thomas) Tremonti (born April 18, 1974) is a Grammy Award winning guitarist for American rock bands Creed, Alter Bridge & Tremonti. Tremonti´s new solo album "Cauterize" will be out June 9th.
Listen to the new single "Another heart" here:

Ashland with eyes to the sky

Ashland are a female fronted rock band hailing from Central Illinois, Ashland is a rock band comprised of Asia Woodward (vocals), Aaron Wood (guitar), Zebulan Griffith (bass), and Tanner Leggett (drums).
Watch their new official video "Eyes to the sky" here:

Progressive rock band Inior release concept album

Inio are a progressive rock band from Italy, their concept album "Hypnerotomachia" is out now. Check out the album songs "From blue to red" and "Dust" below:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fourplay : All Day Sucker , The Eiffels , Sada Vidoo , Points North

All Day Sucker - Denim days (2015) Smooth, smoother, smoothest
Back from a few lovely days in Dublin, the hometown of Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Bram Stoker (Author of Dracula) and the Guinness beer. If you haven´t been there already, I can recommend you to go there if you want to be in the home of music. There´s music everywhere and real friendly people as well.
Now to the albums I´ve been listening to this weekend.
Ah, those well produced albums of the 70´s. The westcoast/power pop act All Day Sucker certainly knows how to recreate that sunny sound that is so rich of harmonies, it´s weird that this band ain´t famous at all but their fans are.
On their 3rd album, singer Morty Coyle and keyboardist Jordan Summers are backed up by an amazing rhythm section of Dan Rothchild - Bass (Heart), Jay Gore (Michael McDonald) and David Goodstein - Drums (Jackson Browne).
"Denim days" sounds like a mix between Dan Reed Network, Jellyfish and Steely Dan. We´re talking feel-good music all day long here that will make you feel just as relaxed as the Irish people.
7 years was a long wait between their previous album "The big pretend" and the new album but it´s worth every single day of waiting.

The Eiffels - The Eiffels (2015) Put on your dancing shoes and swing away
The music of L.A based trio The Eiffels puts a big smile on my face, their debut EP contains a lovely blend of 80´s new wave and modern synthrock. Imagine A Flock of Seagulls meets Phoenix and even traces of The Killers.
These songs bring back the memories of how it was when the dancefloor was filled to songs by Echo and The Bunnymen, Duran Duran and Classix Nouveaux.
The world needs more bands like The Eiffels, their self titled EP is available in April. The singles "I did it now" and "More" are out now.
Now let´s dance.

Sada Vidoo - A story with no end (2015) The leader of the fashion pack
Sada Vidoo, the living doll from Denmark. Her debut album "A story with no end" will also be the final album from producer/songwriter Russ Ballad who wrote or co-wrote 10 of the album´s 11 tracks. The only song Ballard isn´t involved in is the cover of "Love is a battlefield", written by Holly Knight/Mike Chapman and originally recorded by Pat Benatar.
So how does this album sound like then? Well, there´s a bit of both artpop, melodic rock, electronica and dubstep but it´s all being held together smart by Ballard.
It´s like we get a mishmash of artists like Kate Bush, Device, Robyn and Nero at the same time.
I think I´m in love.

Points North - Points North (2015) Instrumental nerd-dom strikes again
I enjoyed the instrumental trio Points North´s debut album "Road less travelled" from 2012 which was an entertaining prog/jazz/hard rock affair.
They continue to flirt with these genres on the 2nd self titled album that contains their first song with vocals, but "Colourblind" is quite mediocre though.
The musicianship is brilliant once again but the songs aren´t as entertaining as they were on the first album, there are some great moments on this record but I expected more.
Stay away if you don´t like Dixie Dregs, Rush or Joe Satriani.

The lost songs with Juke Kartel available now

For those of you that don't know Juke Kartel just released a cd of studio recordings spanning several years. It's been a while since they put music out, so what better way than to share some raw, almost demo style tracks.
The album starts with their latest production - 'Pacifist'. This song was written in Hollywood with JK's newest member Sebastian Gregory and includes work from Neal Tiemann, an amazing artist in the U.S.
The band included songs that were recorded but never fully mastered from the Pulse studios in LA just before they headed to Seattle to record 'Nowhere Left to Hide'. Old school belters 'Runnin' and 'Gimme A Reason' allow 'Save A Life' to intimately shine through.
Get it here: