Friday, July 25, 2014

Shortcuts : Swampboots , Field Mouse , The Body Politic

Swampboots - Space and time / Pickup on 95th street (2014)
The Brooklyn based trio Swampboots has released a two track single where the sound can be described as indie rock influenced punk, the production is a bit rough and almost grungy.
While I´m not equally impressed by "Space and time", the more rocking "Pickup on 95th street" is really good. The guitar sound bring thoughts to Neil Young´s "Rocking in the free world".
For fans of Living Things, Iggy Pop, INVSN
2,5 out of 5

Field Mouse - Hold still life (2014)
"Hold still life" is the first full length album from the female fronted Field Mouse, although it´s not the first release because there are several singles available on bandcamp including "Tomorrow is yesterday" from 2013 that is featured on this 12 track album.
If you´re a fan of fuzz driven dreamlike indie pop like Dinosaur Jr meets Lykke Li, then you should absolutely listen to "Hold still life".
I only care for a few songs like "Two ships", "Reina" and "Bright lights".
This wasn´t my cup of tea.
2 out of 5

The Body Politic - Egressor (2014)
The Canadian band The Body Politic got their name from a Clive Barker story, among their influences we find Periphery and Bring Me The Horizon.
They deliver progressive modern metal with both screamo and clean vocals, the music is melodic at times but also quite technical and rather heavy when they´re in the mood.
The 6 track "Egressor" EP is the follow up to the 2011 album "All too human" and I find some songs very entertaining like "All hands", "Colqhoun" and "Swing for the fences", the EP is well performed and I give an A for the production.
The only thing that stands against them is the fact that their sound is hardly unique, TBP need much stronger songs to stand out.
3 out of 5

Never A Hero release new single Hollow

Never A Hero are an alternative metal band based in the UK. The band formed in 2009 when members from 2 bands merged together to write new music diverting from their usual styles. 
At the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, the band performed on 2 tours of the UK and in the Spring of 2012, they started work on their debut album. The album was recorded at Monkey Puzzle House studios in Woolpit and was released in November 2012. The first single from the album Bleed Between The Lies, was Burning Skies, which was released on the 2nd July followed by Screams of Silence, released in December. 
Their new single "Hollow" will be out on July 28th.

Female fronted rock band Affinity release new EP

Toronto based Affinity has released their new "Consequences...Part 1" EP, check out the first single "Part of you" here:

Make Out Monday feat actor Jeremy Shada

Make Out Monday, a band compiled of brothers Jeremy and Zack Shada, Logan Charles, John Spicer, and Seth Renken. The newly formed band came together naturally after a few jam sessions together in Los Angeles. Inspired by various alternative and punk rock pop music, their catchy songs and contagious stage presence promise a quick and lasting success and appeal to a broad audience.

Nashville Outlaws : A country rock tribute to Motley Crue

"Nashville outlaws" is a tribute to Motley Crue with Rascal Flatts, Big and Rich, LeeAnn Rimes, Cassadee Pope and many more country pop/rock artists.
Listen to Cassadee Pope´s version of "Animal in me" here:

Megosh post new video of Body Works

Baltimore's Megosh has been toiling behind the scenes for some time brewing up a catalog of high-energy intelligent rock. Their music is melodic with post-progressive elements and frequent forays into the territory of alternative metal, but they manage to maintain an overriding pop sensibility. Megosh somehowfuses these eclectic ingredients into a surprisingly cohesive stew, a sound that is clearly their own. Impressively complex instrumental material will certainly appeal to the musician but, with Megosh, songcraft still reigns- creative use of rhythm and catchy melodies are certain to captivate a wide audience. On top of all this, the front line serves up tasty three-part harmonies- something rarely heard on today's rock scene.
Their new video "Body works", taken from the album with the same name, can be viewed here:

Get a dose of international rock with Viza

Viza continues to captivate the global music scene with an erratically amusing blend of energized international rock. Unique in its musical arsenal is the inclusion of oud and percussion blended with more traditional rock elements such as guitar, bass and drums. This fascinating fusion, combined with dramatic and powerful live performances have garnered Viza significant success all over the world.
Listen to their new single "Midnight hour" here:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Irish rockers Kodakid release debut album

Kodakid are an Irish indie-rock/blues/soul band who formed in late 2010, influenced by Stone Roses and The Black Keys.
Their self titled debut album is out now, listen to the first single "Outta sight" here:

Jpop time - here´s Nano!

Jpop artist Nano has released the two track single "Sable / Infinity zero" on July 23rd.
Check out both videos below.

Award winning Kindred release new single Beneath the surface

Kindred, winner of the 2013 ETX Music Awards Christian Artist of the Year, is a new age sound of rock/pop band from East Texas brought together through a natural pull towards one another's styles. Their sound is a blend of lyrical expression and intricate
instrumentation. Kindred is rounded by a commanding and passionate lead singer, inspiring ead guitarist, spirited bass player, talented rhythm guitarist and a superior rhythm section.
Listen to Texas based Kindred´s new single "Beneath the surface" at: