Monday, May 25, 2015

The world of rocknroll memoirs

So you´re wondering what book to read then.
In the world of rocknroll memoirs, there are quite a few autobiographies to check out.....if you´re into the lives of rockstars that is.

Ace Frehley - No regrets
Anthony Kiedis - Scar tissue
Cherie Currie -Neon angel
David Lee Roth - Crazy from the heat
Steven Tyler - Does the noise in my head bother you
Eric Clapton - The autobiography
Jim Peterik - Through the eye of the tiger
Ann and Nancy Wilson - Kicking and dreaming, a story of heart, soul and rocknroll
Rick Springfield - Late late at night
High Cornwell - A multitude of sins

John Lydon - Anger is an energy
Keith Richards - Life
Marilyn Manson - The long hard road out of hell
Nikki Sixx - The heroin diaries
Nina Hagen - Confessions
Ozzy - I am Ozzy
Pat Benatar - Between a heart and a rock place
Bob Daisley - For facts sake
Motley Crue - The dirt
Michael Bolton - The soul of it all

Tony Iommi - Iron man
Slash - Slash
Peter Criss - Makeup to breakup
Pete Townshend - Who I am
Sammy Hagar - Red
Don Powell - Look wot I dun, my life in Slade
Paul Stanley - Face the music
Duff McKagan - How to be a man
Grace Slick - Somebody to love
Nick Mason - Inside out, a personal history of Pink Floyd

Sting - Broken music
Warren Zevon - I´ll sleep when I´m dead
Ted Nugent - God, guns and rocknroll
Lemmy - White line fever
Joe Perry - Rocks, my life in and out of Aerosmith
Kee Marcello - Rockstjärnan som gud glömde
Gene Simmons - Kiss and make up
Glenn Hughes - The autobiography
Ian Gillan - The autobiography
Butch Walker - Drinking with strangers

Sunday, May 24, 2015

New edition of Carpark North´s Phoenix out now

Sony Music has released a new edition of Carpark North´s 2014 album "Phoenix" with 5 different tracks, featuring the tracks "Burn it" and "Everything starts again" from the 2010 Best days album and the 3 new songs "Home of heartache", "We hold the stars" and "This is goodbye".
Listen on Spotify.

I The Mighty with friends featuring Max Bemis

San Fransisco based I The Mighty´s sophomore album "Connector" will be out June 2nd, check out their new single "Friends" featuring Max Bemis of Say Anything.

The Knowing are fighting for the earth

HAUNTED BY ME was written from the perspective of Mother Earth. It boldly addressing the negative impact mankind has recklessly reeked on her. It is a chilling reminder of the catastrophic price the human race will pay if we don’t stand together against negligent governments and avaricious, ruthless global corporations, which have neither respect nor concern for our planet or its future generations.
The Knowing are an alternative hard rock band from Sydney, Australia.

Maiara streams new EP Rise

MAIARA, born Maria Janice Galvez, has been singing most of her life. Born and raised in The Philippines, where “musicians are everywhere” she had her first professional band experience at age 17 and hasn’t looked back since. Her love of music took her from Taytay, just outside Manila, to China, pursuing her dream which also introduced her to different musical cultures.
Taking a sharp turn from Francophone ballads, English and Tagalog covers, MAIARA is drawing from her passion of expressing music in her new album RISE, to be released in April of 2015.
Stream the EP here:

Go all the way with Madus

MADUS, formerly known as Tangent Transmission, is ready to hit the music scene with a new sound and more ambition than ever! For listeners of Muse, Jeff Buckley, and Incubus, while still keeping it dark, fun, and funky fresh. Their debut EP "All the way" is available on iTunes now, watch the official video "All the way" here:

Finders launch new video Weightless

Emerging towards the end of 2012, Finders quickly established a strong fan base with a blend of melodic riffs, catchy vocals and heavy-hitting breakdowns.

Accomplishing unbelievable amounts within a year of inception, Finders have been going strength to strength within Perth. Having supported the likes of Dream On, Dreamer, The Plot In You, Being As An Ocean, Attila, Cartel & Adept, it goes to show that their brand of energetic and melodic Post-Hardcore can suit a multitude of audiences.
October 2013 unveiled the release of “BRIGHT//SIDE”, the first official release from the band - a 6-track EP. On May 21st, 2015 Finders delivers their brand new single "Weightless".

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Florence and The Machine ready to conquer the charts again with new single Delilah

"How big, how blue, how beautiful" is the 3rd studio album from English indie rock band Florence and The Machine, set to be released May 29th.
Check out the new single "Delilah" here:

Courtney Love fills a hole in your life with new single Miss Narcissist

America´s sweetheart Courtney Love has released a new single "Miss Narcissist" on iTunes, you can stream the song here:

Crash Kings release new song You keep me running

Piano driven rock trio Crash Kings gear up for the release of their 3rd full length album, due out later this year. The brand new song "You keep me running" is available for streaming here: