Friday, September 19, 2014

Mastercastle - Enfer

Mastercastle - Enfer (2014) Scarlet Records
Produced by Mastercastle
Tracks : 1.The castle 2.Let me out 3.Naked 4.Pirates 5.Enfer 6.Straight to the bone 7.Throne of time 8.Behind the veil 9.Venice 10.Coming Bach
3 out of 5

Since their formation in 2008, the female fronted metal band Mastercastle has released 5 studio albums including their new record "Enfer".
This Italian band deliver a blend of neoclassical metal and gothrock like a mix of Lacuna Coil, Yngwie Malmsteen and Lana Lane. And yeah, I like it.
The music is definitely symphonic but also more modern metal sounding than most powermetal albums in the same genre, the drumsound could´ve been more clear but the final result is good enough for me to enjoy the entire production.
Highlights : "Let me out", "Pirates", "Straight to the bone".

Corroded release new single House of hate

Swedish metallers Corroded released their new single "House of hate" today, you can listen to it on Spotify here:
Corroded – House Of Hate
The single is taken from their new compilation "X years of anger", out Oct 8th.

Disc 1-X Years of Anger
1. Believe In Me
2. King Of Nothing
3. My Hollow Shell
4. Alpha & Omega
5. As I Am
6. Time And Again
7. The Scars, The Wounds
8. 6 Ft Of Anger
9. Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear
10. Age Of Rage
11. Dust
12. I Am The God
13. All The Voices

Disc 2 - Bonus tracks
1. House Of Hate
2. Bring Me Down
3. Plant A Fist In My Face
4. Moment Of Clarity
5. Errare Humanum Est
6. Onedimensional Two-faced Liar
7. Time
8. Prelude of Anger( (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
9. Dust (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
10. Believe In Me (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
11. Beautiful Revolution (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
12. Time And Again (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
13. Bleed (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
14. As I Am (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
15. I Am The God (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)
16. 6Ft. Of Anger (Live with Nordic Chamber Orchestra)

Active rock time, here´s Ashes From Stone

Rock/metal band Ashes From Stone from Minnesota, released their self titled EP in May this year.
Listen to music here:

Que Sera release debut album next week

Progressive post hardcore band Que Sera will release their debut album "Nomad" on Sept 23rd, check out their new single "Misguided lights" here:

Amaranthe release video Drop dead cynical

Amaranthe will continue their metal crusade with the new single "Drop dead cynical", taken from the upcoming album "Massive addictive", out Oct 21st.

PlanetHard - Now

PlanetHard - Now (2014) Scarlet Records
Produced by Matteo Magni / Marco D´andrea
Tracks : 1.Play harder 2.The one 3.Awake 4.Neverfailing superstar 5.15 of fame 6.Inglorious time 7.Shall we be safe 8.Don´t say goodbye 9.She´s all over 10.Fight it out 11.Underworld 12.Now
3 out of 5

I didn´t expect much of this album because I thought PlanetHard would be just another average melodic hard rock band but I was wrong, their 3rd album "Now" is a solid modern hard rock affair influenced by bands like Alter Bridge, Skid Row, Ozzy and Gotthard.
The production is good and I´m a fan of their riffs, I think this is proof that a mix of 80´s rock and modern metal works just fine.
Highlights : "The one", "Inglorious time", "Don´t say goodbye".

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Emarosa - Versus

Emarosa - Versus (2014) Rise Records
Produced by Brian McTernan
Tracks : 1.People like me, we just don´t play 2.American deja vu 3.A hundred crowns 4.I´ll just wait 5.But you won´t love a ghost 6.Say hello to the bad guy 7.Cliff notes 8.Mad 9.Gold dust 10.Same tight rope 11.1996 on bevard
3,5 out of 5

"Versus" is the first album in 4 years from Emarosa, it´s also the first album without frontman Jonny Craig who left Emarosa and started the new band Slaves.
Bradley Walden replaced Jonny Craig and I think the band has found a new great singer, I bet Walden is a fan of Journey. Just listen to the 2nd verse in "Say hello to the bad guy" and the melody of the words "Broken in two, two, two"............"Seperate ways" anyone?
Soundwise, not much of a change compared to their earlier albums. We still get quality rock with traces of emo in the same vein as Thrice, Beta State and Don´t Look Down.
Highlights : "I´ll just wait", "Say hello to the bad guy", "Cliff notes".

Polaris Rose release new single Perfect view from upcoming album

Polaris Rose's new single "Perfect View" overflows with shambolic energy, a combination of molten compounds that combust with consistently flowing energy. Thunderous guitars and signature harmonies pound alongside the relentless, percussive assault of the drums. It's a track where vulnerability and positivity come together effortlessly, taking a lyrical story of change and uncertainty and allowing the words to crash into you, full of meaning and reflection. Like almost every song they touch, there are equal parts joy and discord lining the lyrics and instrumentation in a way that continues to keep their listener guessing, producing an emotive response.

Check out Polaris Rose on their newest single, "Perfect View," now.  With their debut full-length album, "Telescopes" due out in November of this year, we've only seen the beginning of Polaris Rose!

Nine Shrines with members of Attack Attack! and Life On Repeat

Ohio based rock/metal band Nine Shrines featuring members of Attack! Attack!, Life on Repeat and I Am King, has released a lyric video "Sleep with your bones". Great stuff!

Rain City Rockers feat members of Sum 41 and Die Mannequin

Powerpop band Rain City Rockers features members of Sum 41, Die Mannequin and Goldfinger.
Their debut album "Mayday" is out now, stream the album here: