Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I can´t hold back

One of the greatest singers passed away yesterday, Jimi Jamison died of a heart attack at the age of 63. Today I will listen to Survivor´s albums "Vital signs", "When second counts", "Too hot for sleep" and a selection of Jimi solo tracks such as "A dream too far" (Empires), "True lovers" (When love comes down), "Ever since the world began" (Lock up Soundtrack) and the title track "Reach" off Survivor´s last studio album.
Rest in peace Jimi, melodic rock won´t be the same without you.

On a more positive side of news, my Palace of Rock blog reached 3 million views last night and I´m of course forever grateful that you, my readers, keep following my blog but this moment goes to Jimi Jamison and the voice of classic songs like "A moment of truth" (Karate Kid Soundtrack), "Burning heart" (Rocky IV Soundtrack) and the theme song for Baywatch.
Let´s enjoy the fantastic live version of "I can´t hold back" from 1985.

A Road To Damascus - In Retrospect

A Road To Damascus - In Retrospect (2014) Mighty Music
Produced by A Road To Damascus
Tracks : 1.Untitled 2.All is said and done 3.Different eyes 4.Turn of the story 5.Home is where my heart was 6.The only way 7.In retrospect 8.With all due respect 9.Trash what´s broken 10.Tried and true
3 out of 5

I remember when I was 12 back in 1977 and the punkrock genre reached Sweden, I rode my bike to the nearest town 18 km away just to buy 3 vinyls of Damned - Damned Damned Damned, The Stranglers - No more heroes and Sex Pistols - Never mind the bullocks. They costed 33 skr each so I brought 100 skr which is $13.
Today we´re just a click away to buy digital music so a lot has changed in 37 years and it´s the same with the punkrock genre that evolved into new wave and hardcore in the 80´s.
And in the 90´s as pop punk being the most successful sub-genre since the heydays of the 70´s.
The Danish band A Road To Damascus are influenced by pop punk a la Green Day and the modern rock of Thirty Seconds To Mars but there´s not much punkrock to be found on their 2nd album "In retrospect".
This is radio friendly pop/rock for fans of Quietdrive, The Latency and One Ok Rock. A solid album where the best tracks are "All is said and done" and "Turn of the story".

Shaman´s Harvest give away new song for free and release new album in September

Missouri based rock/metal band Shaman´s Harvest will release their new album "Smokin´ hearts and broken guns" on Sept 16th. You can download the new song "Country as fuck" at:
And listen to the first single "Dangerous" at:

Suburban Haze are extreme right

Extreme Right is the first single off the full-length album ‘New Coliseum’ by Suburban Haze, which is set for release in September. Recorded at KdF Recordings with engineer Mat Taylor and mastered by Joe Andersons the song is one of the more energetic and upbeat songs on the album.
Listen here:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wendy Icon drop new blood from upcoming EP

Aussie based rock/metal band Wendy Icon posted their new song "New blood", taken from their upcoming EP here:

New Medicine - Breaking the model

New Medicine - Breaking the model (2014) Imagen Records
Produced by Kevin Kadish
Tracks : 1.Breaking the model 2.Desire into gold 3.One too many 4.Broken girl 5.All about me 6.World class fuck up 7.Dead love song 8.Like a rose 9.Heart with your name on it 10.Fire up the night 11.Boy like me
3,5 out of 5

Are you looking for the right beats per minute songs when you´re out running? Then look no further because New Medicine´s new album "Breaking the model" will get you through the 5 km like a walk in the park.
New Medicine featuring members of A Verse Unsung and Emphatic, deliver hi-tech modern rock/AOR that can be described as Three Days Grace meets Def Leppard with a touch of The Offspring and even Shania Twain. Any questions?
We get singalong choruses, party stomping guitar riffs and arena ballads. "All about me" is worth a Grammy!
This album is a bit different compared to their debut "Race you to the bottom" from 2010 but I like it......a lot.

Bryan Vickers Band release debut album Draw the line

The Bryan Vickers Band is making timeless rock n roll sounds with a unique and modern edge! Three young men from California keeping rock alive by blending elements of classic rock, funk, blues, and soul with a modern feel. Bryan crossed paths with the brothers Andrade while playing shows around California's Central Valley; a slice of Heartland filling the space between the Hollywood hills and theCity by the Bay. 
The band´s debut album "Draw the line" is out now, listen here:

New song online with Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams covers album "Tracks of my years" will be released on Sept 30, including the brand new song "She knows me".

Sleepwave unleash the wolf

Sleepwave are Stephen Bowman and Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath), their debut album "Broken compass" will be out on Sept 16th.
Check out their new single "The wolf" here:

Rock Against Trafficking featuring Glenn Hughes

Rock Against Trafficking is a corporation established to fight for the end of child slavery worldwide.
Their first project "Set them free", a compilation album of Grammy-award winning stars and rock and roll legends performing the music of Sting and The Police.
With artists like Heart, Jon Anderson, Slash, Fergie, Julian Lennon, Santana, Andy Fraser, Paul Carrack and Glenn Hughes on board.
Listen to Glenn Hughes version of "Roxanne" here: