Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Unravelling share their new single Master Drone

The Unravelling is an art industrial rock/metal duo from Calgary, Canada. Described by Pure Grain Audio as “overflowing with a bloodthirsty passion”, their music ranges from the engaging and inviting to the aggressive and controversial.
Their new single "Master drone" is available as free download at Bandcamp.

Thai rockers Nobuna and their battle cry

Nobuna are a post hardcore band based in Bangkok, Thailand. Check out their new single "My battle cry". This is good stuff.

Start somewhere, start with A Yawn Worth Yelling

The four-piece band of Tyler (lead vocals), Brayden (lead guitarist), Johannes (bass) and Taylor (drums) formed in 2011, while they were still in high school. Since then, they’ve built an engaged following in the Bay Area opening for acts like Saint Motel, selling out their own shows at 200 person venues and even being commissioned to write a jingle for Hitachi Data Systems. Their music has also grabbed the attention of outlets like New Noise Magazine and AXS, who said, “their enchanting use of time changes, phrasing and emotional manipulation keep their redolent audio hits coming in Mike Tyson-esque fashion.” The band recently launched a Kickstarter to fund their upcoming release, "Play pretend" EP, available Sept 18th.
Stream the new single "Start something" here:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Aerials announce new EP Restless

Hailing from a city in which indie popsters make all the rules, Brisbane based Aerials are breaking the mold to carve a place all of their own.
Their new EP "Restless" drops on Sept 4.

Artrock artist Dani Rosenoer release new single Legacy

If you´re a fan of artrock in the same vein as Josh Fix, Valensia and Queen. You should listen to Dani Rosenoer´s new single "Legacy" taken from his upcoming album "Monkey prison".

Your guide to upcoming active rock albums

What would the active rock chart be without new singles from your modern rock favorites?
The Canadian band Marianas Trench are just one of many alternative rock bands to release new albums this fall. Here´s a guide to the most interesting upcoming albums this year.

Don Broco - Automatic (AUG 7) Singles : Money Power Fame, Fire, Superlove
Red Sun Rising - Polyester zeal (AUG 7) Singles : The Otherside, Push, Amnesia
P.O.D - The Awakening (AUG 21) Singles : This goes out to you
Pop Evil - Up (AUG 21) Singles : In disarray, Footsteps
Buckcherry - Rocknroll (AUG 21) Singles : Bring it on back, The madness
Bridge To Grace - Origins (AUG 28) Singles : Everything
Burn Halo - Wolves of war (SEPT 4) Singles : Dying without you, Until the end, Fxck you
Exilia - Purify (SEPT 25) Singles : Bliss
No Devotion - Permanence (SEPT 25) Singles : Addition
Building 429 - Unashamed (SEPT 25) Singles : Impossible
Bellusira - The gold in every fall (SEPT 30)
Collective Soul - See what you started by continuing (OCT 2) Singles : This
Seventh Day Slumber - Redline (OCT 9)
Mayday Parade - Black lines (OCT 9) Singles : Keep in mind
Fightstar - Behind the devil´s back (OCT 16) Singles : Animal
Marianas Trench - Astoria (OCTOBER)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fourplay : The Murder Of My Sweet , Lynch Mob , Praying Mantis , Royal Hunt

The Murder Of My Sweet - Beth out of hell (2015) The murderous sweets enters a new era
It all started with the prologue "Waiting for the 27th", "Black September" and "Phantom Pain" from The Murder of My Sweet´s previous album "Bye bye lullaby" from 2012.
Now the story continues with "Beth out of hell", what can I say? I just love that album title.
So where do we have The Murder of My Sweet in 2015? Well, their cinematic metal have never sounded better and the production from Daniel Flores is top notch.
Songstress Angelica Rylin is the star in this apocalyptic story between good and evil. She has proven from the very first album "Divanity" (2009) that she belongs in the same fine company as Tarja Turunen (ex.Nightwish), Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex.After Forever) and Simone Simons (Epica).
Flores and Rylin have outdone themselves this time, "Beth out of hell" is by far their best album.
The music might not have anything in common with Jim Steinman´s Bat out of hell except that they´re both epic in the most grandiose way. The 11 minute long "Means to an end" is one of the greatest songs I´ve heard this year and competition is hard.
Open the curtains, shut the lights and get ready for the adventure of your life.

Lynch Mob - Rebel (2015) Pilson and Lynch together again
George Lynch - Guitar, Oni Logan - Vocals, Jeff Pilson (ex.Dokken, Foreigner) - Bass and Brian Tichy (ex.Whitesnake, Sweet / Lynch) - Drums follow up last year´s "Sun Red Sun" with the brand new album "Rebel".
Does George Lynch ever sleep? I mean, he´s a true workaholic behind 4 releases the last year with KXM, Sweet / Lynch´s "Only to rise", the new solo album "Shadow train" and "Rebel".
And it also shows in the songwriting process of the new Lynch Mob record because the lack of good melodies and great riffs are quite obvious. These songs just don´t move me at all, although Lynch´s axework is awesome, you can´t save the music with fab guitarshredding.
Mediocre to say the least, I´m afraid this will go down as their leftovers album.

Praying Mantis - Legacy (2015) No rest for the mantis
"Legacy" is the 10th studio album from NWOBHM legends Praying Mantis, the album is the first to feature two new members Jaycee Cuijpers - Vocals and Hans in´t Zandt - Drums. They have teamed up with the veterans Tino Troy - Guitars , Chris Troy - Bass and Andy Burgess - Guitars.
Once again, the famous Rodney Matthews designed the artwork for "Legacy", which is the band´s first album since "Sanctuary" (2009).
I can´t say I have stayed true to this band like a die hard fan but I certainly do like their classic debut "Time tells no lies" from 1981 which ended up #29 on my Top 30 NWOBHM album list, an album that featured the superb AOR song "Cheated".
The band haven´t abandoned their AOR-ish sound mixed with British 80´s metal, just like the previous album "Sanctuary" - Praying Mantis continues where that album left off.
"Legacy" opens with the Tobruk-like "Fight for your honour" and it´s followed by "The one" that sounds like it could´ve been taken from FM´s "Tough it out" album from 1989.
No wonder the Brits are proud over this band, according to the strength of their new album, they sound like they have enough fuel to keep rocking another decade.

Royal Hunt - Devil´s dozen (2015) Big in Japan
Composer/keyboardist Andre Andersen and lead singer DC Cooper will unleash Royal Hunt´s 13th studio album "Devil´s dozen" in August, it´s the 5th studio album to feature DC Cooper and even I prefer him as the band´s frontman, I get the feeling I´ve heard all these songs before.
It´s deja vu all over again but they´re not old songs, we get 8 new tracks where almost all are at least 6-7 minutes long. Nah, this ain´t in no way as great as the albums "Moving target" or "Paradox".
I am a bit disappointed over "Devil´s dozen" where only "Riches to rags" with elements of celtic folk music stand out, they can do so much better than this.
Surprise me next time.

Edisun with new album Collision out now

NYC based modern rock band Edisun´s 2nd album "Collision" is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Please welcome Once Human and The life I remember

When people think of Logan Mader, they remember flying dreads, a flying V and deadly volume, dealing with likes of Machine Head and Soulfly. Hard to believe but it’s been 12 years since Logan set foot onstage.
Entertainment head, Monte Conner, sent newcomer and multi-instrumentalist Lauren Hart, to Logan for a production deal. A creative spark between the two forged the nexus of Once Human as Hart moved from guitars to vocals, unsheathing a throat-scarring level of vocal brutality that completely contradicts her soft appearance. Unexpectedly, the result brought Mader back to creative life as both artist and performer.
Once Human´s debut album "The life I remember" drops on Sept 4.


Jupiter Falls are set to release debut album Revolution

Jupiter Falls are an immensely gifted young metal quintet, who mix anthemic, classic rock foundations with a modern, heavy alt-rock edge, to create a fresh sound that's sure to inspire fans of breathtaking guitar pyrotechnics, and hard-hitting, groove-laden hooks. Forming in Leeds in 2013, and fast amassing a fanbase far and wide, following touring with Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel in France and the UK in 2014, Jupiter Falls are now set to release their highly accomplished debut album Revolution on August 21st, via Broken Road Records.